VERANG utilizes the strictest industry standard testing methods to thoroughly test for any bugs and errors in the newly converted code. The goal of our testing is to gain as much information about the responsiveness of the system and to allow for all the bugs and errors to be fixed before finally rolling out the new system. Testing would be done using test scripts created by the client.

Types of Testing

Types of Testing we recommend:

  • Pre-delivery Tests – these are tests performed by VERANG before delivery of migrated code. For these tests, we require some test cases and test data from the customer
  • System Tests – these are tests performed by the customer IT department and will encompass 100% core functionality tests. The procedure will vary from customer to customer but mostly will following existing testing practices for the legacy system
  • Regression Tests – tests performed after each delivery cycle to determine if any fixes have broken something else
  • User Acceptance Tests (UAT) – tests performed by the end users to verify and certify operation of the system
  • Parallel Testing – optional step that seeks to verify operation by requiring simultaneous operation of old and new systems and compares system state (databases etc.) at certain periods for verification. We are neutral on this because it requires a lot of resources from the customer


The migrated online application can be recorded during testing.  Each user value entered is recorded and resulting screen values are also recorded after a new screen is displayed.  The recorded values can be used in “playback” mode to re-run the test scenarios, comparing resulting screens to ensure that the system ran as before.  The recording can also be used to reproduce a problem by showing the development team what steps were taken to arrive at an erroneous condition.

Recording From Legacy Environment

VERANG has tools for intercepting TN3270 sessions and recording traffic to and from the server.  These recordings can be used to drive test scenarios in the migrated environment.