History meets Progress

ADABAS/Natural Migration & Modernization Solution

The only Fully 100% Automated Conversion Solution for ADABAS/Natural applications to Java or C# .Net. Many organizations are still running large ADABAS/Natural applications that were developed more than 30 years ago. The high maintenance costs and lack of ADABAS/Natural developers is causing companies to look at migration routes to more modern technologies.

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COBOL to C# .NET or Java

Convert COBOL to C# .NET or Java

The code produced by our utility is very readable and maintainable. The code has the original COBOL source embedded in it as comments and this makes it easy to find business logic when one is familiar with the structure of the application. The code is pure C# .NET/Java J2EE code and is maintained by use of Microsoft Visual Studio (.NET) or Eclipse (Java).

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Bussiness Intelligence

Since all businesses store data and probably have some sort of database in place already, the Vision editor connects to an existing database and generates the application based on that data structure. If the database structure is properly set up, the editor will generate a fully functional Java J2EE Enterprise class back end as well as a graphical client front end application to manage the data. For a medium to large size structure, this process takes anything from 20 seconds to a minute to complete!

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