VERANG also provides consulting services on legacy system modernization.  This includes anything from re-hosting mainframe projects to full legacy system migrations.  With staff that have been directly involved in over 32+ successful legacy system migrations in the past 17+ years, VERANG’s expertise in quick, cost-effective legacy system migrations is unparalleled.

VERANG consultation on prospective legacy system modernizations could help with basic review of an already established migration plan to developing an in-depth analysis of modernizing the current legacy systems.

Consulting – Pilot Project

We have completed many projects and we find that each customer operates in a different way and that it is necessary to take the time to find the right balance and connection between our team and the customer’s team. The fastest way we found of reaching synergy between the contracting team and the customer is through a “pilot project.” In this pilot project the customer would provide the contractor with a small portion of the full project to complete successfully.  Part of this small project may include the full analysis of the application to identify problem areas such as 3rd party API usage and special processes such as printing and external application integration. The purpose of the pilot project would be to iron out working process and test the contractor’s ability to be able to successfully complete the actual project.

VERANG can help the customer create a pilot project that will properly test the contractor’s abilities as well as gauge the results of the pilot project and provide the customer with a comprehensive study of the contractor’s abilities.