Company Profile

VERANG (Pty) Limited is a solutions and software company founded in South Africa by Trevor Veary and Peter Angouras. It was established in 1988 as a Close Corporation and registered as a Proprietary Company in July 2000. In 2013 VERANG LLC was established in Reston, VA, USA by Trevor Veary to give the Group a global presence. VERANG is a leading provider of value-driven legacy migration solutions that enable companies to leverage their existing IT assets for increased business value and improved competitive advantage. VERANG’s primary focus is provision of leading-edge modernization solutions especially for the ADABAS/Natural legacy technologies.

VERANG offers mainframe (System z) and midrange (System i) customers a comprehensive suite of tools, services, and domain expertise. These offerings range from global IT assessment and impact analysis to automated database migration (• ADABAS • IMS/DB • VSAM • Any RDBMS vendor to another RDBMS vendor• Sequential Files, etc.), application conversion (NATURAL • COBOL • EASYTRIEVE • PL/1 • JCL etc.), application remediation, platform re-hosting, and architecture renewal.

VERANG provides CIOs and senior management with solutions to solve the broad range of complex migration issues that they face. We are particularly well suited to advise CIOs of best practice migration strategies that provide rapid Return on Investment (“ROI”), improved productivity and efficiency, while managing operational risk. VERANG helps clients define their migration strategy, which aligns business with technology investment decision making and architecture standards. The results are improved business agility and efficiency and reduced Total Cost of Ownership (“TCO”).

We deliver confidence– the confidence that your migration project will succeed without fail, on time and on budget, with full data integrity and application logic retention, minimal downtime, and maximum end-user transparency.

VERANG employs full time in-house IT staff and delivers Software Solutions for companies worldwide. VERANG’s team of consultants covers a broad cross-section of specialized skills. These range from business analysts through technology consultants and programmers. Where required, VERANG augments its in-house capabilities with those of our extensive world-wide alliance partner network. Since its inception the company has had significant success in its areas of business and has developed an enviable track record as a niche provider of mainframe migration products and services.

VERANG created the Automated Toolset specifically to address the market need for migration and modernization of ADABAS/Natural applications to Windows, UNIX and Linux. Trevor Veary pioneered the concept of migrating “Natural” code to Java or C# .Net via automated tools, thus providing very high productivity for the code conversion and eliminating the possibility of human error and unnecessary creativity within the resulting output code.

The output from the VERANG conversion is 100% function for function, with no human intervention and no change to the user interface. Thus, ongoing maintenance by existing staff is simplified and no user re-training is required.

The VERANG offering is a time tested and proven solution with a large number of clients in production on their new platforms. The many references that VERANG has will verify the outstanding success and the impressive ROI’s that have been achieved over the past 17+ years.