“To date, 100% of the projects that VERANG and Zulu Software Inc have worked on, with Trevor Veary, have been successfully delivered as on-time and on/under budget

VERANG Customers

Our current and past customers include the following:

Local Customers

  • Eskom Pension & Provident Fund (South Africa)
  • BCX (South Africa)
  • Absa Bank (South Africa)
  • Bidvest Car Rental (South Africa)

International Customers (VERANG LLC)

  • Military Benefit Association (USA)
  • Origin Consulting (USA)
  • Mitsubishi Motor Corporation (Japan)
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (Japan)
  • IBM (Japan)
  • AFLAC (Japan)
  • RSI Corporation (Japan)
  • Turkish Airlines (Turkey)
  • MOST Technologies (Israel)


As Zulu Software Inc

Trevor Veary, of VERANG LLC was also the co-founder of Zulu Software Inc, a company formed in 2003 to specifically migrate customers with NATURAL / COBOL / Assembler on ADABAS from the mainframe to Java / C# and Oracle / MSSQL / DB2. Trevor Veary wrote all the tools used by Zulu Software Inc in the 10 years that it existed. Now a number of core key personnel from Zulu Software Inc are working at VERANG LLC.  Listed below are some of the 25+ projects that the Zulu alumni currently working at VERANG LLC successfully migrated with Trevor Veary while he was CTO/CEO of Zulu Software Inc:


From NATURAL/ADABAS to Java/Oracle

  • EogS – Danish Registrar of Companies
  • LADPC – Israel Local Authority Software
  • S. Department of Energy, Office of Oil and Gas
  • S. Export-Import Bank
  • APH Venezuela, Banking Software
  • STI – transport company
  • Singapore Land Authority
  • Coates Hire, Australia


Other Migrations




GDC – Danish record company NATURAL/ADABAS Java/MSSQL
ACS, Local Authority Software COBOL/ADABAS Java/Oracle
Serena, Turkey NATURAL/ADABAS Java/DB2
Tulsa County, Oklahoma NATURAL/COBOL/Assembler/ADABAS/VSAM/and sequential data sources C#/MSSQL Server on Windows  environment

The single largest ADABAS/Natural project, that VERANG LLC previous known as Zulu Software Inc migrated, had 12 million lines of code.  All projects were completed successfully and went into production; the customers were all able to easily maintain and grow their applications.