COBOL to C#.NET or Java

IBM Mainframe CICS COBOL and Batch COBOL to C#.NET or Java

The code produced by our utility is very readable and maintainable. The code has the original COBOL source embedded in it as comments and this makes it easy to find business logic when one is familiar with the structure of the application. The code is pure C# .NET/Java J2EE code and is maintained by use of Microsoft Visual Studio (.NET) or Eclipse (Java).


The product has the following key features:

  • 100% automated conversion
  • Onetime fee with no recurring license or maintenance component
  • Source code for all modules (including framework) is provided
  • Syntax and runtime support for CICS® calls – with built-in CICS® preprocessor
  • Supports EBCDIC collating sequence for sorts, value comparisons and database calls
  • Can read and write EBCDIC or ASCII sequential files, variable or fixed length, line sequential or not
  • Inclusive of a comprehensive GUI Map Editor
  • Supports all aspects of Mainframe COBOL, including conventions such as BLL cells (SERVICE RELOAD)
  • ADABAS Direct Calls
  • Embedded SQL
  • Converts the following versions of mainframe COBOL to C# or Java:
    1. VS1 COBOL
    2. COBOL II
    3. COBOL LE
    4. Enterprise COBOL for Z/OS

Supplemental functionality and features:

  • Online applications run as web applications under IIS / J2EE App Server
  • BMS maps (Macro and Screen) are converted to aspx web pages
  • Generated code is standard C#/Java code maintained using Visual Studio/Eclipse
  • Close integration to migrated Natural Code
  • VSAM online and batch to Relational Databases:
    1. A Data Migration utility is used to port the VSAM metadata and data from the source to the target platform
    2. VSAM I/O Operations are managed by our Framework
  • For Java custom bridges can be developed for unmanaged binaries such as C and C++ on the Windows platform
  • Automatic generation of Web Service Interface for subroutines