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Concept Evolution™

Concept Evolution™ is a completely web-based CAFM solution, and the next generation of FSI's multi award-winning Concept™ CAFM range, retaining key features, functionality, and crucially compatibility, from the current Concept™ generation range.
Concept Evolution™ merges powerful functionality with sophisticated technology to extend facilities management across borders, and optimise process efficiency, accuracy and productivity throughout the lifecycle.
Easily accessed through a standard web browser, Concept Evolution™ offers an extremely powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use software platform that leverages the web to provide a single, integrated view of facilities and maintenance activities across your portfolio.
By centralising data and processes throughout the facility management lifecycle, Concept Evolution™ provides a secure, seamless flow of information across locations, divisions, operations, people and projects.
Concept Evolution™ makes critical operational data available on-demand to users in any location. It offers a single, holistic view of all facilities and maintenance activities, and can easily track every location, asset and person: analyse the processes, costs and efforts required for optimal operations, and understand the impact of acquisitions, utilisation, maintenance, improvements, service provision and expenditures.

ADABAS/Natural® Software Modernization Solution

Many organizations are still running large ADABAS/Natural® applications that were developed more than 30 years ago. The high maintenance costs and lack of ADABAS/Natural® developers is causing companies to look at migration routes to more modern technologies.
Through the years, ADABAS/Natural® has been a very popular environment for developing business applications. Nowadays, using this veteran technology brings some disadvantages such as:
Cost: The cost of licenses and maintenance an organization needs to pay every year is very high.
Resources: It is almost impossible to find trained developers in Natural and ADABAS, DBA’s.
Agility: Modern development technologies like Java .NET or C# provide a more agile environment. In today’s marketplace, businesses must have the ability to rapidly change their IT systems due to market needs or changes in regulations.
As companies try to leverage the tremendous investment they have made in their existing ADABAS/Natural® applications, they face a formidable challenge.

Data Center Management Solutions

No manner of complexity should stand in the way of realizing your business objectives or obtaining greater agility. To that end, we’ve taken our industry-leading portfolio of hardware, software and firmware and created specialized solutions to help you deal with data center challenges in three distinct areas...

Bussiness Intelligence

Vision is a generic data management application.

Since all businesses store data and probably have some sort of database in place already, the Vision editor connects to an existing database and generates the application based on that data structure.  If the database structure is properly set up, the editor will generate a fully functional Java J2EE Enterprise class back end as well as a graphical client front end application to manage the data.  For a medium to large size structure, this process takes anything from 20 seconds to a minute to complete!


As standard, the generated application has the following features:

  1. Users can only see/do what they have permissions for.  This is functional enough for most cases.  ie. you can give someone permission to create a field, but not modify it afterwards etc.

  2. Users can customize and save the look and feel, shortcuts, quick searches and listings.

  3. Listings for all entities can be searched/sorted on any column/multiple columns as well as be printed with user heading and comments.

  4. All input fields have custom data driven input components with basic validation for data type as well as checking for compulsory values. Ie if you try to search on a date field, a Calendar Editor will pop up etc.

  5. Easy to view, sort, search and navigate data with all related info easily accessible.

  6. Built in messaging system where users can get system generated messages, which when double clicked will take them directly to the record related to the message as well as sending messages to other system users.